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Memorial Day Poems, Memorial Day Prayers, Poetry 2017 For Kids

Memorial Day Poems Prayers Poetry: To celebrate Memorial Day in style and with sharing memorial day Poems and memorial day poems quotes are best ways to make people realize the importance of Happy Memorial Day 2017 in a straightforward and efficient manner. Memorial Day Poems not only are adorable but also remember everyone how sacrifices are done by people for their countries. Poems for Memorial day are quite famous during last week and Memorial Day Prayers is the best way to pay tribute them. Poems about the memorial day are readily available on the internet on many websites, and this shows how much people are excited for this day and wants other to participate in this day.

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Memorial Day is just a few days away and Americans who are waiting for this special day from one year, are too excited for this. With the internet at everyone’s gadgets and hundreds of Memorial Day Poems, Prayers, Poetry are easily available to everyone at free of cost. Memorial Day can become amazing if families of war veterans are having sympathies and beautiful words from people of Americans.

Memorial Day Poems

Happy memorial day poems are the sweetest way to let people know the importance of dead people who sacrificed and participated in the civil war and their families are now proud of them. Memorial day poems for kids are very popular among children and that increases love for their nation in their minds and Memorial day 2017 Poems can also help them in becoming part of activities like Parades for military service guys whose life has contributed to nation’s safety and growth. Americans pay high respect and regard for military and army people who work day and night for lives of others and people cannot stop thanking them.

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Memorial Day Poems

Memorial Day Poems Quotes

Memorial Day Poems

Military Tunic

A lost guardian angel.
Sitting on the edge of the world.
I follow the cracks of the sidewalk, my trolley and I.
My home on the corner of every mission street.
My tin coffee cup starts off with caring heartbeats.
My only possession is the icon of war, with six buttons missing.
Navy and white my grandfather’s 70-year-old military tunic.

My Jacket-
My blanket-

My Jacket from which I am inseparable.
My Jacket goes wherever I go.

Poems For Memorial Day

Poems For Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2017 Poems

Memorial Day 2017 Poems

This Jacket is my home.

An Open Gate Led To A Chapel

And the cemetery was
quite and intensely sullen;
a damp breeze blew
anticipating a cool rain...
an open gate led to a chapel.

Two marble angels stood
by the Gothic bronze door,
their looks were too somber;
and walking in I saw candles
burning beneath white skulls
stacked in piles like bricks. 

The smell of wax from 
the dripping candles
was of a different scent;
the brass cross gleamed
casting a shadow on 
the oval floor made
of yellow and green
tiles resembling a mosaic.

Looking around, I discovered
more skulls on wooden shelves,
these had imprinted names
and looked down on the incognito
ones in self-pity and sadness.

I wondered why of such
a massive grave of skulls
without skeletons; a weird
sensation penetrated my
body getting steady chills.

I glanced across the opposite
wall and spotted a memorial
plaque with the deplorable words
" The final rest of decapitated  
men who rose against
their king who washed 
his hands in their blood. "  

Horror and disgust pierced
my being, I reacted to
that appalling sign rushing
out of the darkening chapel;
and stepping outside of
that flickering chamber,  
the crispiness of the morning
air filled my lungs with relief.
Memorial Day Poems For Kids

Memorial Day Poems For Kids

poems about memorial day

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